I wrote this in July 2020 and Kainos shares had returned almost 47% on an investment in 2 months and Softcat 15% in the same period. I am NOT giving financial advice here - attached is my personal financial opinion I've written about Softcat for anyone that wants to look at their numbers (see attached file) ... interesting stuff if you, like me, like business. If you invest in them and lose money - that's life - don't blame me.

When you drill down, among other things, you'll see Softcat’s profitability per employee is over three times more than the next best peer and over seven times the worst. 

In short - they have a great culture by investing in their staff and it pays dividends, literally not bad for a commoditised marketplace.

Here's the download : https://mklink.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Softcat.pdf

Admittedly, this stuff that I wrote is written in an academic style but my findings are hopefully insightful to those of you that want to acquire businesses and/or be a business owner rather than just a "techie".