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Hi there, I’m Mike Knight and I set up MKLINK back in 1998. After working with over a thousand businesses around the UK, my company pivoted in 2015 to work exclusively with MSPs and IT businesses.

We offer various marketing services tailored specifically for the MSP sector and that includes providing content, managing Google Adwords, telemarketing, managing social media campaigns like LinkedIn, emailing people – that kind of thing – as you’ll appreciate the details of what's currently working in marketing in this fast moving sector changes all the time.

One of the things I noticed when working with some clients is that we’d make simple suggestions which they’d see the obvious benefits and gladly agree to implement but then never actually get around to it. And that’s simple stuff like update your blog, following up with your leads and prospects, sending out a regular newsletter, keeping your website and your social media up to date – that kind of thing. Does this sound like you?

None of this stuff is particularly hard but I found that a lot of clients simply never got traction because of the hectic and unpredictable nature of the MSP industry so I decided to make it a no-brainer for them by doing it for them, so we came up with my content club. It's part of a unique process we provide that generates referrals and leads for you for a fixed, low monthly fee of £100 or £195 depending on service level, with just one MSP member per geographic area.

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I have been sending out the marketing emails you send me on a weekly bases for one month and already we have picked up our first new client. The client is someone I met 2 years ago at a networking event, I stored their details in my contacts and thought nothing more about them. Because I went through the process of exporting my contacts, adding them to my client list they were included in the weekly newsletter. The new client was in the market for new IT support and our newsletter landed at the right time, they went to our website liked what they saw and because we were a proactive IT company they decided to included us in the tender process. Today they agreed to move forward with our Support service and replace their current server to boot. This was a client I would never have received had they not received the newsletters. This more than covers the cost of the service you provide with the initial invoice of work at over £6000 pounds, if we do our job right they will be a client for years to come adding to this total. I have received many complements from my clients regarding the newsletter which is increasing my visibility with my clients as well. I was sceptical initially that this would work but I am now converted, Thanks again.

Alex, Really Good Computer Services


Double Industry Standard

With regards to the regular content we get from MKLINK,  our email open rates are double the industry standard ... I'm very happy with the service!

Sacha, Astaris IT


Saved £4000 - £8000

Mike has saved me between £4000 and £8000 per month, and sales have still gone up.......... i don't think that i need to say much more...... other than he is a digital marketeer that actually know what he is doing.

Daniel  Handle IT


Help To Grow & Get More Customers

I've worked closely with Mike for the last 6 months at the EC and can verify that he is a proper IT geek - and I mean that as a compliment! He loves technology and genuinely wants to harness the power of the internet to help IT businesses to grow and get more customers. His range of support services are the perfect way to get in front of prospects and stay front of mind through delivering interesting and relevant content. Mike is committed helping companies to use this information to best effect - something most IT companies don't know how to do! So get Mike to do it for you - he's ace!

Frahana Rashid, Entrepreneur's Circle

The first month is a trial offer for a fiver Yes, just pay £5

We need to be clear here, we don't take just anyone - membership is by application only. Once you're a (full) member, you'll have access to the private member's only WhatsApp group where you can share tips/ideas/resources with other MSPs and meet up occasionally with others at our events.

We keep a lot of it under wraps - so your competition won't copy you -  apply today and see what you could be getting. There's dozens of testimonials available upon request.

Ramp up your referrals and get more clients spending higher management fees!

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