Website Wizardry

The MSP Meetup we had on Wednesday represented a gamechanger for forward thinking MSP’s. I’ve made notes for those people that ask nicely ...

Of course, most people won’t take advantage of the great content that Scott gave us, largely because most MSPs never get around to it … which is good news for you because it means that when you apply this “stuff” … you can make a real impact to your bottom line.

In a couple of weeks (i.e. Wednesday 30th Sept at 11.00 am), I’ll be exploring which MSPs are getting great results with their websites and which ones aren’t. Hint - very often, the websites you’d think are winners are in fact, not.

I’ve been doing this - full time - since I worked at an ISP in 1997 and have looked at more websites commercially than anyone I know in business. Admittedly, my web-development skills are relatively crap but my web-experience when it comes to traffic conversion etc is second to none - this is a good time to pick my addled brains here folks.

There’s a very, very good book you should read which highlights most of this stuff. And I’ll tell you what it is on Wednesday 🙂

If you want to know how to get more leads for your MSP business - for zero cost - then making a few (basic) changes to your website is a no-brainer. Here’s the link to reserve your spot now for this live, no-charge (no “BS”) MSP meetup, where you can ask questions, get stuck in and meet with other MSPs.

As always, this MSP meeting is free of charge and free of waffle so I hope to see you there ...

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