Starbucks Premium

In 2008, Harry Schulz (CEO of Starbucks) famously said that they pay more for their employee health insurance than they do for their coffee.
Clearly, they take insurance seriously. And so should you because - as a business - Cyber Insurance can not only save your client’s bacon but as an MSP – this represents a welcome additional revenue stream.

The concept of insurance is hardly new. Thousands of years before the Romans starting sporting sandals, even more ancient civilisations from the cautious Chinese to betting Babylonians had similar ideas about hedging their investments when it came to their speculative shipping and other mercantile meanderings.

More recently, entrepreneurial Edward Lloyd set up his infamous coffee shop in London in 1686, where wealthy gents would meet to discuss investing and profit-sharing in forthcoming voyages which went on to become Lloyds of London and subsequently grew and flourished as Britain’s ships sailed forth across her burgeoning empire.

And from one boom to another … Insurance to cover cyber-attacks and data-loss etc is only going to get bigger, more mainstream and likely to become a fundamental business requirement at some point.
(Would you drive a car without insurance?)

Here's your chance to meet other MSPs in an informal Zoom call while hearing from a prominent Cyber Insurance broker and see how you can leverage this service industry for maximum synergy for your MSP.

To reserve your spot for the meetup (on Wednesday 16th September at 11.00 am), here's the Zoom registration link :

As always, this meeting is free of charge and free of waffle.

See you there!


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