Rapid MSP Growth Via Finance

"The Trick to Money is Having Some" ... is a famous (readable and insightful) book by Stuart Wilde which I recommend.

And it's true ... having money makes acquiring more money a lot easier.

Yet most MSPs trundle along, struggling harder than necessary because they're ignorantly under-capitalised and they simply don't have the cash reserves available to grow their business quicker and smarter by :

  • Investing in marketing
  • Acquiring other MSP businesses
  • Investing in people and processes to liberate the owner(s) from "working in the business"

Many MSP business owners don't appreciate the power of capital and so they shy away from it, which is very limiting. Buying a house outright with cash is an option if you have bundles of cash (not necessarily smart though) yet most people use a mortgage. Going a step further, smart property investors use other people's cash to invest in more properties. Yet many business owners often have a disconnect between work and capital, meaning they're unnecessarily restricting themselves.

I run a property club where I know many multi-millionaires that got rich via leveraged capital - so I'm not just spouting recycled BS here ... I know what I'm talking about when I say having access to money makes your business life easier.

So why not listen to someone that has sold their MSP business for several million pounds and has "been there and done it"?

On Wednesday 27th January at 11.00 am, I'll be interviewing someone that grew and sold their UK MSP by knowing how to leverage capital and how to "work on the business" ... with great success. He's not a "wannabe" or a "guru" ... he's done it.

If your MSP business had an extra £50,000 or £2,000,000 to invest in marketing, acquisitions, business development etc. you could transform your  business and your lifestyle, while using someone else's capital and risk. There's a reason it's called capitalism you know !

In this free, (live) down-to-earth interview which – as always – will be minus the usual BS, sales-hype and spin, you can find out the real life stuff you need to ”know to grow” and have your questions answered, while “meeting” fellow MSPs online.

Here’s the link to reserve your free spot now :


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