Pondering Pixels

The next time you snap a quick ‘selfie’, you might spare a thought for Russell Hirsch, the inventor of the humble pixel, who died recently at the ripe old age of 91. As the pioneering computer scientist he was, just imagine what he’s seen happen in his lifetime!
The first ever digital picture, grainy and black-and-white though it was, was created in 1957 (of his son, Walden) measuring just a tiny 176 pixels square … which was heralded by Life magazine as one of the "100 Photographs That Changed the World".
Here it is … https://petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2020/08/kirsch_feat-800x420.jpg
Of course, digital photos are a lot more advanced now in terms of their size, sophistication and scale so remember that each time you effortlessly “click a pic”, you’re adding to the 1.4 TRILLION digital-photos that humanity will take this year, the vast majority of which (almost 91%) will be taken via mobile phones.
For an idea of scale, if all those photos were printed out on regular (80 gsm) copier paper and stacked up, it’d reach 91,000 Kilometres high … well over twice the circumference of the planet.
That’s a lot of information to store and secure, which along with all the videos, text, audio and all the other data and informational “stuff” humanity is creating each year, and there will be around 40 Zettabytes of data around, which is 40 Trillion Gigabytes (i.e. approx. 40,000,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000 bytes).
All this data has been (roughly) doubling every 2 years. Think about that – the sum total of all the information in existence that mankind has generated since our hairy ancestors first daubed stone-age graffiti on their cave-walls, gets doubled every couple of years … mind blowing stuff.
These sorts of insane figures once again serve to remind us about the power of compound growth i.e. relentless, unstoppable, inexorable growth which, given time, enables small numbers of ‘stuff’ to become very, very large numbers of ‘stuff’.
Business networking is a form of marketing that can become aligned with compound growth (you know someone, they know someone else … etc) and yet, incredibly, it’s simply forgotten, ignored or avoided by so many MSPs, despite being one of the most productive methods of generating MSP sales-leads that there is.
I’ll be exploring some of the aspects of business networking that MSPs might want to consider, so that they can get more leads … to get more customers … and thus make more dosh … to have a better business and a better income.
Our meetups are fun, free, non-salesy and via a zoom call where you can meet-up with other MSPs to hopefully learn things, share stuff and pick up some useful ideas and contacts.

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