Password Reset?

What if a client asks you to reset their password for a particular service because they've forgotten it?

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, most support staff people certainly treat it that way. But what if it means that they've forgotten the password because they seldom use that particular service ... and maybe close to abandoning it?

Asking one quick question enables your team to dig deeper - and consequently get better relationships, a richer understanding and ultimately higher profits for your MSP business ... and it's all just so simple ... yet, of course, few people actually practice this stuff.

There are scores of simple hacks that you'll pick up from my guest, Mark Copeman, when I interview him tomorrow. I've just finished his book and I promise there's a ton of material you'll wish you and your team know about improving your customer service ... and good customer service is the best marketing there is.

Here's the last call  to reserve your spot now :

As always, it's free, fun and minus any 'BS' or sales-hype.

See you there ...

Mike Knight MBA FCIM  

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