MSPs and the Law

Running a business is worrisome at the best of times but running an MSP business where you feel as though there's a sword of Damocles suspended by a hair over your head can be highly draining. Just think of all the things that can go wrong - and do go wrong - and where does the buck stop when it all 'goes legal' ?
As you know, ignorance of the law is no excuse, yet many of us have a knack of burying our heads in the sand when it comes to the uncomfortable questions. And when things go wrong ... it's too late.
  • Can your client sue you for negligence if they are hacked?
  • Can you become liable for something your client did, if you manage their infrastructure?
  • Can you get sued by your client's clients if they get hacked? And so on ... ?
  • How are cyber-crimes defined - civil or criminal? How are they enforced and/or punished?
  • What cyber law(s) should MSPs know ... that most of them don't know?
  • Where is the most activity being seen by cyber lawyers at the moment?
... these questions and as many others as you can think of - you can now ask - because I've booked a barrister to interview who has specialist expertise in the technology sector.
Once again, here's your chance to join other MSPs in an informal zoom call, get stuck in, ask questions and find out what you really want to know (and what you should know).
As always, it's free and minus the industrial hype and BS. Here's the link to reserve your spot :
See you there ...
Mike Knight MBA FCIM

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