MSP Marketplace Mayhem

With all the political instability we’ve been subject to recently, the quote "Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves." seems more apt than ever.
Wise words indeed, penned by Regus of the Romantics, Lord Byron, who was also a bit of a 'Don Juan' with the ladies and not without merit, given he literally wrote the eponymous poem, er … Don Juan.
Whilst he was rumoured to have scandalously sired at least a couple of nippers out of wedlock, his only legitimate child was his daughter, a certain Ada Lovelace. And as far as mathematics went, she certainly was certain.
You see, Ada was quite a special lady. If nothing else, she was the first computer programmer, ever. For as well as being a marvellous mathematician, she also happened to write the first algorithm for the first 'computer', namely the seminal mechanical analytical engine(s) created by polymath-pioneer Charles Babbage.
And when she wasn't putting it about a bit (like her frolicking father) or (heavily) gambling on the geegees, she also hobnobbed with literary legend Charles Dickens, as well as science scholars like Faraday, Wheatstone et al.
With all that brilliance, it's crying shame that Ada shuffled off so tragically young at just 36, surrounded by leach-wielding quacks 'helping' cure her cancer via barmy bloodletting. Ironic that such a forward-thinking ladies' luminary as her could be so badly betrayed by bleeding ignorance, literally.
Now, even good old Ada probably couldn't have predicted the way computers have evolved (after all, she dismissed artificial intelligence - AI - even way back then) and the marketplace, like the weather, has become very chaotic recently as you may have noticed. Even the world's smartest supercomputers can't (reliably) predict the weather (or other chaos patterns), as well the Met office or the BBC might like you to believe *.
So, with all the MSP marketplace mayhem that even the boffins can't fathom, when you hear of someone that's actually doing really well during this dystopian disruption, it pays to listen.
So, here's your chance to hear first-hand from someone that has had their boat come in. And then come in some more.
Like me, he's been chugging away for over 20 years in his business and now, since March, this munificent MSP has been gaining 4 new business clients a WEEK ... and he's going to share his toys with us on 2nd September when I and my co-host Stuart Warwick, will interview him.
It promises to be a corker ... so here's your registration link ...
*As an aside, as far as weather, chaos and prediction is concerned, for a reliable, extremely localised indicator, delivering highly accurate, real-time reporting on the weather outside your office then I recommend an often overlooked windows-based application ... it’s called a ‘window’.

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