Is Your MSP Worth Peanuts?

So, you spend all day telling people to consider security risks.

But what if you get sick? Or hacked yourself? Or a staff-member sabotages your business badly? Or have a family crisis? Or some other issue? The possibilities are endless and can mean being forced to sell your MSP business for peanuts.

Let that sink in. Do not give all your years of hard-work away for peanuts.

The point I'm making is that it's all very well looking to sell your business when the time is right - but what about if the time is wrong?

What I will say is this, while our MSP meetup about cyber insurance was fab (even if I do say so myself), it made me realise that most people (myself included) are a bit cr*p when it comes to planning their 'exit'.

i.e. they leave it to the last minute. And leave it to chance. Not smart!

Consequently, I'll be interviewing my specialist MSP M & A advisor about how MSP owners can plan their exit around these issues.

Plus, as we've all heard from the guru's ... failing to plan means planning to fail .... etc.

It means that whether the time is right or the time is wrong - you can make the best of it and protect your investment.

Additionally, you'll be able to pick up loads of useful stuff about acquiring (as well as selling) ... we've doubtless got interesting times ahead ...

Here's the link to reserve your spot now :

As always, it's free, fun and minus any 'BS' or sales-hype.

See you there ...

Mike Knight MBA FCIM 01242 690586


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