Good Old Joe

in 1897, a certain Sir Joseph John (J. J.) Thomson discovered something very small, extremely useful and derives its name from the greek word for amber.
That remarkable thing was the not-so-humble electron. Every aspect of modern technology evolving from early electronics to modern computing and communications to the information age, AI and beyond are all inextricably linked with the ever-increasingly-complex manipulation of this ubiquitous particle.

(Why was it named after amber? It'll be down to those ancient Greeks rubbing amber with fur, thereby produce a small charge which attracts small objects ... viz “static electricity”)

So, J.J. (or ‘Sir Thomson’ if you prefer) was a clever chap then, earning himself a Nobel Peace prize in 1906 and all, for proving that these strange "cathode rays" were in fact particles.
Interestingly, his highly distinguished DNA produced a son (George) who also won the Nobel Prize 31 years later, this time for proving that these particles were in fact waves. As an aside, J.J’s equally eminent student, Ernest Rutherford, discovered the electron’s contra-charged-cousin … the proton which, like all fundamental particles, is also a wave.

Aha ... so now we have the perplexing-padarox of duality ... how can something be both a wave and a particle simultaneously?

Well, how can some MSP owners be talented, intelligent and hard-working yet never seem to make any frigging money?
To allay aspertions of arrogance, I make no claims of exception for myself, I'm at least average in some areas of business yet woefully crap in others.

To counter this conundrum and to make progress with one’s business, it's generally considered sensible to study what actually works and eschew what doesn't.

Which is why, when an MSP is (suddenly) acquiring 4 new business clients per WEEK, in a company that's strolled along for over 20 years old and now suddenly doubling in size, it's a good idea to take notes.

On 2nd September, I, along with my co-host Stuart Warwick, will be interviewing this MSP and he's kindly agreed to give us really, really useful information about what's working for him.

Here's the link :

As usual, these MSP meetups are a chance to interact live with other MSPs and are fun, free and involve no selling or other "BS" … I believe in "keeping them real".

I hope to see you there …

Mike Knight MBA FCIM

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