Getting Found in Google My Business

As you'll appreciate, a managed service provider can support companies on the other side of the planet, if they wish.

However, many clients like the feeling of having their IT support company geographically close to them "just in case".
And yet, many MSPs are missing out on loads of these (free) local sales-enquiries, many of which are from ideal clients.

How often have you looked at your competition on "Google my Business" (You know, the 'Google Local' listings which show up on Google Maps too) and thought you'd like to ensure you get your website listed in the first few rankings before the page disappears from view? How much difference would it make to be consistently at the top?

To be clear, I'm not talking about Google Ads - that's a whole other story - and one which costs money. I'm talking about free leads which you should simply claim.

Next Wednesday (17th November at 11.00 a.m.) I'll be running another of my MSP Meetups via Zoom to share my research about how to dominate the Local Google Rankings (i.e. "Google my Business").

As always, it's free, fun, you'll get to meet some other MSPs and all without the usual 'BS' and hyperbole.

Here's your link to reserve your spot now :

See you there!

Mike Knight MKLINK MBA FCIM  01242 690586 

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