Get More Customers with Landing Pages

Right - so you've finally got someone to click on your ad, or they've
responded to an email you've sent. You've done all the hard work - and
spent your cash to get someone to your site.

If they don't see what they want within 8 seconds they're gone - bye!

This is why you need Targetted Landing pages, dedicated specifically to what
your visitors are expecting.

1-Don't Just use Your Homepage

Why force someone to go via your homepage and then expect them to flap about on
your site looking for what they want- when you can point them straight to the
relevant page about your product or service. Focus.

2-Use a Compelling Headline.

Time and Time it'ds been said how important this is! Your headline can affect the attention
- and thus conversion - by as much as 80%.

3-Repeat their Keywords in the Headline and/or Body Copy.

If your visitor sees the same or very similar key phrase immediately your landing page - they'll read what you have to say. Relevance is everything.

4-Give Them what they Want.

Your visitors are always in a hurry. No one likes reading or listening to loads of irrelevant stuff. Give them as much information as they need to make a decision about your product or service. Long copy is great - but only if it is interesting.

5-Define a Clear and Simple Action Path

To keep conversion high - keep your strategy aimed at leading the visitor to where they can engage in your call to action. Links to other pages and and other distractions should be kept to an absolute minimum. Think of steeping stones.

6-Remember a Compelling Call to Action.

Don't forget this one! The call to action is your salesman asking for the order.

Make it irresistible to your visitor and match it to what they are expecting. If it's a product they've been reading about - offer a related bonus or deal. If it's a service - offer useful information that will appeal to them. Make any hyperlinks compelling. "Get your download now" for example is
100% better than "Click Here". Include multiple calls to action if it helps or you have long copy.

7-Test and Measure.

As always - this is vital. Get some visits to the page then measure the conversion rate. Change just one thing (play around with the headline first) then test and measure.

Once you've got one area cranked up as high it will go - try something else - e.g. the call to action. this way you will always be increasing your personal best and drive up the conversion rate to much, much higher levels.

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