Email Marketing – Some Basics

Build up your Business with an Subscriber Email List.

They used to say it takes 4 to 7 contact s(on average) to make a sale. In today's world, I reck on it's a lot more.

In most cases, visitors come to your site, leave - and are lost forever.

Consequently - if you don't capture their email address - you'll no be able to contact
them even a second time.

Some Statistics from PostFuture :

82% of online buyers have made at least one purchase in response to an email

67% of users open at least 60% of subscribed emails they receive

32% have made an immediate online purchase in response to an email!

59% have gone on to redeem an email coupon in an online OR offline store

Remember - People aren't stupid. They simply won't give you their details unless you earn it first. So - offer them something that they want. Simple.

Step 1 - Who?
Identify exactly Who it is that you are Targetting.

You can discover a lot about your visitors' habits by looking at the server logs(We talked about this before). What's the most popular page on your web site? What pages do visitors stay on for the longest time? Build your offer around what's on those pages.

Step 2- When?
When do most people visit your site? You should Test and Measure the results you get when you email
on different days of the week - even different times of day!

Now's the time to think about WHAT your target market really wants...

Step 3- What?
There are lots of different incentives you can use to encourage people to give you their email address — although they will be different for different businesses. Due to the sheer amount of email - you need to really compel your visitors to leave their details.

We offer a book and a newsletter. You can try some of these ideas...

3.1 Offer a Complementary (Zero-Cost) Course
You will know better than anyone what your customers are always asking for.
Write down information in manageable chunks and email it to them on a regular

This can all be automated with auto-responders - that can send pre-compiled emails
at specified intervals - at almost zero overhead.

Be creative and include images, sounds, video-whatever your audience responds to best.

3.2 Offer a Complementary Book
Again - this is what we offer and we find it very effective. The response from our customers is very positive too.

The book doesn't have to be hundreds of pages long - just concise enough to give your readers what they want. Even 1 page will be enough if that's all they require.

For extra leverage - it helps to make your book viral - i.e. encourage your readers to email it to other people.

3.3 Offer Downloads
If you have lots of useful, relevant information - then offer the first few paragraphs
followed by...'Sign up here for the full article' or words to that effect.

You will get loads of people signing up to this - as long as the information is
compelling enough.

3.4 Other Ideas.
There are limitless ways to encourage people to give you their email address.
A few suggestions are...
Screen Savers, E-Cards, Templates, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Jokes, Puzzles,
Competitions, Coupons, Videos, Games, Software, Member only Bonuses, etc.
- just find something that's right for you.

Don't Forget :

Include a call to action. No matter how good your offer is, you must provide a clear link or place for your visitor to follow through. Don't forget, include a clear privacy policy - to reassure people
that you care about their privacy and that they can un-subscribe.

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