Xmas : How To Stop Staff Sickness

Xmas : How To Stop Staff Sickness

In a couple of short weeks, we'll see a brand new dawn of business rising above the horizon of 2021.

This new year heralds new opportunities and typically I'd be looking at ways to leverage them.

But sometimes we need to look at what's right under our nose before jumping onto new projects.

Any competent MSP owner knows a company's IT estate need regular maintenance, upgrades, patching, monitoring, antivirus, backup ... the list goes on. But what about a company's 'organic' computers i.e. people? How much support and backup do they get? Answer : Typically little to none.

Staff sickness is one of the biggest costs a business can face and long-term sickness due to stress/anxiety/overwhelm can be disastrous. Covid-19, Brexit, furlough, remote-working, economic uncertainty ... all these factors (and many more) mean many employees are understandably stressed, some to breaking point. (Even for those people that aren't 'broken', what would a 15% increase in productivity look like on your balance sheet ?)

As always, investing a little time, ensuring sure your assets are managed properly pays dividends.I'd argue that mental health is one of the most important 'assets' companies own, yet likely receives the least attention.

The stresses experienced by IT people are particularly high for reasons that require little explanation (to anyone that works in IT) so on Wednesday at 11.00 am, I'll be joined by Tom Oxley, a leading UK (Ted-Talking) mental health strategist.

Tom will be sharing some valuable insights into how we can keep ourselves - and our team - as well "maintained" as possible to reduce absenteeism and increase morale, with all the business-benefits a happy workplace enjoys.

In this live zoom-meeting, you can join other MSP's to hear me speak candidly with Tom about these difficult issues and have your questions answered.

As always, this online meetup is free, fun and minus the usual sales BS.

Reserve your spot here now here at : https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMpcuCvqjkrHNwPxF37u_lnRkk0AOhC6i1P

See you there & have a great week,

Mike Knight MBA FCIM  mklink.com  01242 690586 

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