I spoke with a new insurance broker as I was looking to do some business with them. I tried logging in to my online account to access my insurance details which I could then pass across to this potential broker.

I entered my details - correctly - 3 times.

It then asks where I was born - which I told it.

It didn't believe me, even though I know where I was born.

It then tells me to ring a number.

Which I did.

30 mins later after being on hold, I get told it's landlords policy (which I know already) - I now need to ring another number.

I call the landlords policy - only to be put on hold for 40 mins (being told at 5 minute intervals my call is important to them).

I spoke to "Scott" who informs me that they don't have access to anything to do with their online portal.

But … after qualifying me, he can send me the documents by email.

Wisely, I hold the line whilst he does so.

The email – when it finally arrived after another agonising 5 mins with him on the line - doesn't contain the documents, it contains the link to the online bl**dy portal where I have to re-register to access them.

I enter everything and include a password - the same password I used for my other account.

It tells me the password is not strong enough, even though it shows maximum strength in the "strength" field and the password is okay in the other account!

Once again -  an impasse.

I asked Scott to simply email me the documents and I don't care at this point if they get hacked.

He emailed me the documents, which I could have had had in the first place.

Answer the phone - quickly.
Have a human help people and not online portals that don't work.
Train these humans well.

I'll come back to this in a future post about profitability per employee.

Until then, have a great week


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