IS Your Marketing In The Gutter?

How Learning From A Guttering Sales Person Can Help your Marketing

I was having a morning bath at the weekend when there was a furtive knock at the door.

As it happens, I can pop my head out of the upstairs window which directly overlooks the front door without revealing anything more than my neck.

A gentleman dressed in overalls informed me that he was “in the area” and would be more than happy to clear any gutters, if I so wanted.

Ordinarily, I’d say I’m not interested and simply get on with my day but as it happened, the gutter above the porch needs to be cleared of some growth.

I mentioned I’d like to have a chat with him but that I was a bit busy and that if he could stick his business card through the letterbox, I could call him later.

He proceeded to tell me he had no cards on him. So I then suggested getting a piece of paper and simply writing his name on it and this was met with “I haven’t got anything to write with mate”. I was not inspired.

Now, whether he was simply inept or whether he thought that by not offering a card, I’d be forced to come downstairs and engage with him, I’ll never know.

He said he’d come back later. I then heard him repeat his exercise with diminishing volume on every door along all the houses next to mine. A few days later and I’ve never heard from him again.

Consequently, he missed an easy sale. I also need various other things doing aound the guttering at the front of the house, including a shared car-port which I know will cost several thousands of pounds to put right.

Additionally, I have to replace a gardener that’s retired. That’s a lot of potential business (for himself or his colleagues) both initially and in the future plus any potential referrals – all missed – because there was no follow up.

Now, going door to door is hard. I’ve done it, amongst other sales jobs, whilst paying my way through college as a (much younger) man.

I don’t begrudge people trying to earn a crust, especially in this environment (although I’d prefer to be left to have a bath in peace) but what staggers me is that someone is prepared to do all that hard work and then simply drop the ball at the last minute. It’s a shame and so unnecessary.

I see the same thing with business owners too. They’ll attend a trade show or a networking event. They’ll meet people or have a referral.

They then proceed to have a half-arsed follow up with maybe one or two calls or emails. And that’s it. Then the business cards get left metaphorically left in a drawer and forgotten.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stats …

80% of sales are made after the 5th to 12th contact … yet only 10% of sales people (or company owners) contact their leads more than 3 times!

Anyway, that’s it really. When you have a procedure and a system to follow up relentlessly (with value and not just ‘sales’), with your leads, prospects and referrals, you’ll be many times more likely to engage with them when they are ready to do business. It quadrupled my sales in 2005 when I finally learned this after several years without a follow-up process.

In short, it’s easier to sell to people when they’re (finally) ready rather than when they’re in the bath.

Have a great week & get in touch if you need help with your marketing or follow-up process.


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